004. Five Basic On-Camera Framing Tips

Do you ever notice in photos or even in videos, the subject or people (in most cases), are oddly positioned in the shot?

Like the subject is too far off to the side.

The camera is either too high or too low. 

Sometimes it’s intentional, and that’s when it’s okay.

"Ideally, you want to frame yourself so your

video presentations look professional, look good." 

Here are some important on-camering framing tips. 

It’s not required (especially for green screen). 

It’s totally just recommendations. 

  • Tip #1 Position camera at eye level or just slightly above eye level.
  • Tip #2  Center yourself - in most instances. But if filming with green screen, dont worry about it. If it’s a natural environment and you know for sure you're going to edit in overlays - such as texts, company logo, graphics - then it’s okay to position yourself to the side.
  • Tip #3 Make sure there is minimal space above your head.
  • Tip #4 If you’re using a natural environment for filming, clear the clutter behind you.
  • Tip #5 If you’re using the mic from your device, stand close enough so that your audio can be heard loud and clear. Practice a few times and remember the distance where you can hear yourself crystal clear. Trust me you don’t want to do a whole recording to find out that your audio did not pick up perfectly.

That was your list 5 Basic On-Camera Framing Tips To Recording Yourself On Video.

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