003. Green Screen Lighting and Positioning the Talent


1. Back lights are for lighting the
green screen evenly. 

I use softboxes. 

You can use whatever is within your resources or works for you. 

2. Key lights are the lights in front of you, lighting the subject. 

Remember to do a few takes and position the key lights differently to see what you like best. 
Some people like the lights at eye level, some like it just above. It’s what works with you. 

"If anyone tells you that’s wrong.

That’s not true when it comes to your key light, because

everyone has different features, everyone has their good

and bad sides, everyone is not shooting in the same

room as you are in, am I right?"

3. The fill light is optional. It’s the light above the subject. I used it for a while, but realized it isn’t totally necessary. 


I stand 3 to 4 feet in front of the green screen, making sure to keep myself behind the back lights because that’s for the green screen

You can probably go as close as 2 feet, if you’re working with a real small place, as long as there are no shadows on the screen. 

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