002. Green Screen Tools and Equip

Tools recommended for green screen filming when you're starting out:

  • The green screen itself. You can use green fabric from a fabric store, or the 10x12' Chromakey Green Muslin, or the collapsible Chromakey Green + Blue 2-in-1 Background Panel and Support Stand
  • For lighting, I recommend 2 soft box light stands to put on each side of the green screen and only lighting the green screen. To light the talent on a budget, get 2 to 4 clamp lights, or if you can fit it in your budget, get 2 LED lights instead. It just depends on how much lighting coverage you want on the talent.
  • If using the clamp lights, dont forget to check out the links below to build really cheap light stands with PVC pipes
  • Also, for the light clamps, you’ll need to add a filter to soften the lights. Get the plastic white table cloth from any dollar store.
  • Light bulbs. Remember to stick with - as close as possible to - the  “daylight/indoor/1500 or 1600 brightness or lumens. The ones I use are 100w. The key thing to remember is the “Daylight/Indoor and as high as, or close to, 1600. The quantity of the bulbs you will need depends on how many lighting devices you’ll end up using.
  • For the teleprompter, I recommend to start with uploading scripts to a free prompter program, especially if you’re using your smart device for filming.
  • For your audio or mic, I honestly cant pretend to be an expert. This is where I admitted I need a lot of learning to do. But I have been producing a lot of videos for my clients and almost all have not complained about my audio. I’ve been using a lav mic (see links below for different mics I recommend), but also if you’re using your smart device you can almost count on the mic from your device to pick up clear and crisp audio. Remember to film where there is minimal to no noise of course. Another option is to have them ear buds with mic in them already and film away.
  • Finally, the camera. Today’s smart devices have amazing camera quality lenses fortunately. If you have the budget, upgrade to a DSLR camera and see links below for recommendations.

"Personally, I prefer to use my iphone camera.

It always film in 4k and I luv it."

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