Kini Hudson

It's a great feeling when I wake up and I see a video order or two come through while I was asleep. Though, I wish it was like that every morning, I get excited to look over my calendar and block out a date just for filming for that one order or ten orders.  

“Whether it's one video order or 10 orders, I dedicate a full work day to film. Each video presentation has its own scope of demands. I call them directives. Directives include wardrobe choice, desired delivery tone, pink wig or blonde, and even some ask for more cleavage.” My makeup is always the same: Simple. When my future clients review my demo videos, they get an idea of what to expect. It wasn't always like this. When I first started, I had more eye make up and wore red lipstick. After several clients kindly asked me to wear less, I realized I'd get more orders with a toned-down professional look. That's when I learned lighting is my best friend.  

Pre Production The benefits outweigh the challenges for this one-woman operation. At least I think. I've never had anyone help me run my video spokesperson business. I'm set in my own ways and I have a routine in place on film day:  

1. Review scripts and its directives  

  - Create the rundown list in the order the purchases came in and title each presentation  

  - Mark orders that need a specific wardrobe and/or wig  

  - Include client notes at the top of the script: Personality, cleavage, news-style, standard promo, twins, puppet, etc  

2. Upload scripts in the prompter  

3. Set up film area: Prop up green screen, position lights, mount camera  

4. Pull wardrobe  

5. Makeup and hair  

6. Adjust camera filming: Focus, depth from talent, lighting  

7. Final prep before filming: Go over hair, makeup, turn on prompter  

8. Start filming  

After filming is complete, editing follows: Post Production  

About the Author

Kini Hudson has worked as a Video Spokesperson for every type of business, from start-ups to well known online sites. Kini has also had the honor to work on light-hearted video gigs, such as delivering birthday wishes/announcements, wedding proposals, and other milestone accomplishments.  

Kini is now extending her knowledge by teaching others how to film and edit in green screen, refining your on camera presence, and adding production elements to enhance your video presentations.