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In this format, we add simple FX and limited texts overlay. You have the option of selecting from a high resolution static image for or a solid color background.


With over 10 virtual sets to select from, you can now customize a special message and have That News Lady deliver it to a friend, family, co-workers. The news-like video format can also be used to for company announcements, product launches and more.

Subtitles or Captions

Benefits to adding subtitles or captions to your videos:

  • Subtitles improve comprehension  
  • Not everyone in you target audience speaks your language  
  • Viewers are more engaged  
  • Subtitles increase video social reach  
  • Captions improve SEO.

Puppet & Kini

Meet Eddie the Puppet and Pink (but you can also use Kini). The duo will keep viewers and engaged with their banter.

You're the Expert

Showcase your industry expertise and appear in your personalized Q&A video. This format is great for your About page, product roll-out, and more.

The Video Twins

Want to reduce your bounce rate? Book "The Video Twins" today!

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